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FibreSpeed Information

As a leading FibreSpeed service provider, many Carrier Wales services are delivered using this fast, optical fibre core network. Working in partnership, we provide powerful IT communications solutions for businesses of all sizes and in all sectors.

But what is FibreSpeed, and how can Carrier Wales transform your business by delivering services via this network? Take a look at our information sheet downloads and discover how Carrier Wales can unlock your business potential.

So what are the benefits of FibreSpeed?

It’s faster

Because it uses a dedicated fibre optic network, FibreSpeed gives you download speeds that start at 10 megabits. FibreSpeed can deliver speeds of up to 1 gigabit (1,000 megabits) and more. And unlike ADSL, upload speed is exactly the same as download speed.

It offers more bandwidth

which, put simply, means it can carry several services at once – data backup won’t slow down your internet access, for example.

It’s more reliable

It’s a network that was built for data transfer. It doesn’t slow down with others sharing, and it’s always on – ADSL circuits are reset from time to time.

It’s cost effective

Why pay to lease a line to England when there’s a fast network running past your door? FibreSpeed can save you thousands of pounds annually compared to the cost of a leased line.

Information Sheet Downloads

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